Colyton Grammar School offers a balanced curriculum

Academies have curriculum flexibility in order to better match the curriculum to the needs of their students. Given the national educational reforms, the programme of study for students at Colyton is changing. Years 7 & 8 still complete Key Stage 3 in two years. Current Year 10 (2015-16) have completed a two year Key Stage 4 and are going on to a three year A-level programme, as has been the case with previous year groups. However, current Year 9 students and future students will complete a three year Key Stage 4 programme and a traditional two year Sixth Form.

In Key Stage 3, students will follow the full range of National Curriculum subjects. At Key Stage 4/GCSE, there is sufficient flexibility of choice to meet individual interests whilst maintaining balance.

Beyond GCSE, students study four subjects to A (Advanced) Level, as well as AS qualifications in Critical Thinking and General Studies. They also complete an Extended Project and are entered for the AQA English Baccalaureate Diploma.

Computer Science is utilised throughout the curriculum and is taught as a discrete subject at Key Stage 3.

Key Stage 3

All students study English with Drama, Mathematics, Science, French, Art, Geography, History, Computer Science, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education, Technology and PSHE. Students have the opportunity to commence German.

Key Stage 4

All students study English Language & Literature, a Modern Foreign Language (French or German), Mathematics, Science (taught as Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Religious Education, Physical Education, PSHE.

Present Year 9 &10 students follow TWO additional subjects selected from: Computer Science, History, Geography, Business, Art, Drama, Music, Technology and German or French.

The new Year 9 students commencing September 2016, will also follow a compulsory humanities course in either History or Geography.

Key Stage 5

The following courses are usually offered to A-level subject to demand:

Art, Biology, Economics, Chemistry, Design Technology, Drama, English, French, Geography, German, Government and Politics, History, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Music, Physics, Psychology, Religion Philosophy and Ethics, and Sports Studies.

All students follow the AQA Baccalaureate which involves studying a minimum of three A-levels, AS General Studies/Critical Thinking, completing a 5,000 word extended research project and the AQA on-line enrichment diary, in which they can detail the extra curricular activities.


The Government's A-level reform programme has resulted in new specifications being developed by the examination boards. These news specifications decouple AS from A2. In other words, AS is now a separate qualification from the full A-level course. The introduction of these new specifications has been staggered into Phase One and Phase Two subjects. The new Phase One specifications were introduced at Colyton in September 2014 for Year 11 students. These subjects are listed below. They were examined in the summer of 2017:

  • Art and Design
  • Biology
  • Economics
  • Chemistry
  • English Literature
  • History
  • Physics
  • Psychology

Phase Two subjects were introduced in September 2015, and are presently being studied by our Year 12 students. They are Drama, Geography, Music, Modern Foreign Languages, Physical Education and Religious Education.

Phase Three subjects will see their new courses being taught from September 2017. They include Design and Technology, Maths, Further Maths and Government and Politics.

The Government has also ended the modular structure which allowed unit resits, and coursework for most (excluding Art and Design) has been removed or much reduced.

For all subjects, examinations will be at the end of the course.

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