School Uniform and Dress Code: Years 12 – 13


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The School Uniform and Dress Code makes an important contribution to creating a positive and purposeful school ethos. We rely upon parents to uphold our tradition of smartness.

Students are expected to be neat and well groomed and in a manner consistent with a formal working environment.

Hair must be tidy, groomed and of a natural colour, consistent in style with the wearing of a formal uniform (extremes of style are not permitted). Shirts must be tucked in and ties done up to the neck.

It is important that uniform colours and styles are exact: a full range of items is stocked by Thomas Moore, Fore Street, Exeter.
If purchasing from other sources please ensure that the items match the requirements below.

The following details must be observed by students:

A school blazer and tie must be worn

  • Blazers must be black for boys, navy for girls
  • Sweaters are optional and if worn must be v-necked, plain knit, and in plain navy, with school crest
  • Girls: Trutex CGV-NVY. Boys: CBV-NVY
  • Crests and ties can be purchased from the Admin Centre

Must also be plain white, formal, and appropriate for wearing tucked in and with a tie.

Must be plain white with a shirt collar. Fitted blouses need not be tucked in. 

Shoes (not boots)
Must be leather-type, black and plain. Footwear must be appropriate for school use, and this rules out raised heels and casual shoes.

Must be tailored (not baggy, flared or tight). Trousers for boys must be full-length and charcoal grey. Jeans, corduroy or canvas trousers etc, may not be worn. Trousers for girls must be navy and conform with the following details: Trutex style GTB-NVY Trutex GTS-NVY

Must be worn 5cms below the knee to knee length and must be plain navy blue, in the following style: Banner style SK185 (stitched down pleats). No other styles may be worn.

When worn with trousers these must be either dark grey or black. When worn with a skirt, socks can be either ankle or three-quarter length, white or navy. Navy blue tights can be worn with skirts.

Jewellery is inappropriate for school and nose studs must not be worn. A pair of ear studs or sleepers may be worn (one in each earlobe). No make-up is permitted and hair accessories must be plain navy or black.

Overcoats or jackets
Must be in plain navy or black and free from decoration. These may be worn for travel to school. Overcoats must not be worn during or between lessons. (A blazer, and sweater if worn, should normally be sufficient). Recommended for safety: fluorescent arm-bands. Scarf in school colours or plain navy or black.

Second-hand uniform is sold via the PA website and at the School Fête held each July

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