Global technology company Honeywell join Years 9 and 10 for a PSHE lesson

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News - Jul 6

In a collaboration with global technology company Honeywell, Years 9 and 10 have recently enjoyed an inspiring virtual visit from expert engineers and professionals across the firm. During PSHE, speakers enthusiastically presented the stories of their career paths and answered live questions from students about their work at Honeywell. 


As the company’s representative in this collaboration, Richard Webb (Honeywell’s Service Operations Leader for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) has been an invaluable help in inspiring STEM students through assisting the development of the school’s Careers Programme. 


As well as facilitating the virtual sessions, Richard has recently set an exciting challenge for enterprising Year 9 and 10 students, as well as, during this summer and last, helping aspiring engineers in the sixth form begin to explore the field by putting them in touch with young engineers working at Honeywell. 


Lucia G, Year 12 Senior Digital Media Executive