2018 European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages

On Wednesday 26 September, in order to celebrate the European Day of languages in our school, the MFL department put on some activities for students during the day. Students were able to greet their teachers in a foreign language at the start of each lesson by trying to say “hello” in various languages. During morning breaks and lunchtime, students had a translation competition to try to complete. Some very enthusiastic students had fun translating into English various words and phrases displayed around the school in Greek, Swedish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Polish and Dutch. They were also pleased to receive prizes for their efforts. Flynn (7Elm) and Louis (7Elm) said: "It is a challenge for everyone to practise the languages they have been learning at school or at home”. All students that took part commented on how they found this initiative most enriching.
During tutorial time, students also had the opportunity to do a European Union flag quiz. The entries included six groups with all correctly named countries. A draw had to take place to decide the overall winner and it was Miss North’s tutor group, Year 11B, who won the box of chocolates. On the same day, we also had a group of 27 Swiss German students from Kantonsschule Kuesnacht, Switzerland visiting us to experience a day in a British school. They were partnered with some of our Year 12 students to follow their timetable and all had a great time. Here is what they said about their visit to Colyton Grammar School:

“The school area is very beautiful, teachers and students are super friendly and in general it looks like a great school.“

“It was a great opportunity to get to know a British school and the students attending it. It would have been nice to spend even more time here.“

“From the moment we arrived we felt very welcome and every single student was open to receive us. The atmosphere in general was comfortable and busy. The lessons themselves were very interesting and the teachers did a great job explaining things - so that even we could understand.“

“All the students were very friendly to us and made us feel very welcome. The school buildings and area are beautiful and we were especially impressed by social aspects of your school life.“

“It was fun getting an insight into another school than ours and also to learn about the British school system by people who are part of it.“

“You are very lucky to have such small classes. The lessons are much more interactive so the students profit more.“

“The students from the lower forms are really cute in their uniforms.“

All in all, a great day to celebrate languages in our school with our students in a climate where languages have become even more so important for the future.

Finally, here is one for our readers:

Dalc’h da grog gant ar yezhoù

Which language is this and what does it mean? Please email Mr Giraudon (kgiraudon@colytongrammar.com) with your answers.

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