Detective Inspector Speaks at Assembly

A retired Detective Inspector from the Met visited the school today and spoke to the whole school about his career, he discussed cases, changes in policing over the last 30-40 years in organised crime and murder. He describes his experiences as seeing the 'best and worst of human nature', he spoke about a drug raid, one of the largest at the time, which involved international criminals, a case with over a 100 personnel involved, to a case about a predatory male, and how at the time a newly implemented computer intelligent system was able to narrow down the suspects and eventually with DNA testing got a positive identity. Our visitor described how when he started he used fingerprints for identity (with a magnifying glass!), and had a truncheon and handcuffs. Now huge improvements to technology allows the Police to have many more tools to solve crimes, especially with CCTV to identify individuals’ movements.

The DI then spent time with our Year 12 students afterwards who asked many questions about the finer details of the applying and the role. He encouraged them to consider it as a career, as the Police are looking for well rounded, academic and driven individuals. The key is to remember that the majority of the public are good and there is a huge satisfaction in solving a case.

Here at Colyton Grammar School, we offer opportunities for our students to be informed about many different career paths. External speakers make for a fantastic assembly and chance for our students to ' meet and be inspired' by such generous individuals.

Contact if you’d like to get involved in our ‘Come Back and Inspire’ series of talks or our ‘Inspiring assemblies’.

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