Exploring Quimper

Here is the third report from Mr Giraudon in Quimper:


"Today we went to Lycée Ste Thérèse in the morning so our students could experience some lessons in a French secondary school. We arrived at our meeting point in the foyer to find our students playing table football or babyfoot as we call it in France. Our students liked it so much that they thought it would be good thing to put on their wish list for the study centre. Mr Giraudon showed off some of his skills too! After this warm up, we all wentto an English lesson where our students took part in conversations with groups of students. Our students rotated groups every ten minutes. Eric won the award for the number of requests to share his social media profile. Afterwards, students went on to follow their penfriends in other lessons until lunchtime. In the afternoon, we all went to Quimper to explore the city, its beautiful alley ways, chocolate shops and patisseries to buy and taste some local delicacies. We also stopped at les halles (an indoor market)before visiting the cathedral and then students went back to their penfriend's. Tomorrow, students will continue their primary school placements."


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