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Logo2Thank you very much for taking part in the Round 2 of the National Translation Bee Competition which was held at lunchtime on 30th September 2020. It was not easy but you have all raised up to the challenge and I could feel that great motivation in each of you! You all did very well but I had to select the best two in each language.

I am awarding each of you with an achievement point as I feel that your contribution was outstanding.

The winners are:

Anouska GM in Year 10 Oak with 19 sentences
Ella E in Year 10 Cedar with 21 sentences

Hazel M in Year 10 Oak with 16 sentences
Cerys W in Year 10 Elm with 18 sentences

Beth M in Year 10 Ash with 9 sentences
Ned R in Year 10 Ash with 11 sentences

These six students will now be studying the same sentences in the perfect tense. Then they will enter the regional final which will be done in school as we cannot go offsite due to Covid. Please join me to wish them good luck for the next round!!

These six students will represent Colyton Grammar School for the regional final. They need all the encouragement they can get from you.

All the best to you all

Mrs S Armour, Coordinator for the Spelling Bee and Translation Bee


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