Outstanding GCSE results for Colyton Grammar School

  • Percentage of students who achieved grade 9 ten times the national average
  • 87% achieved the top three grades of 9 to 7
  • Business Studies the best result in the country, one student gets the highest marks in the country, half of the UK’s top 10 in this subject come from Colyton Grammar School
  • 10 subjects where 85% or more students achieved grades 9 to 7

Students, parents and staff at Colyton Grammar School are celebrating outstanding GCSE results, which have seen the school outperform the national average by some considerable margin.

In all, 87% of students who sat GCSEs this year achieved the top three grades of 9 to 7. 99% achieved grades 9 to 5, and 40% achieved a grade 9, ten times the national average of 4%.

Some 21 students achieved the coveted eight or more subjects with grade 9, around 18% of this year’s GCSEs cohort. This compares to the national predicted result for this achievement of 0.2%.

Across subjects, 100% of students who sat Computer Science achieved grade 7 or above. Subjects where 85% or more students achieved grade seven or above include Biology, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, Geography, History, Maths, Physics and Religious Studies.

Students who studied for EDEXCEL Business sat the ‘old style’ GCSE and 100% achieved A* to A – the best results for this subject in the country. One student achieved the highest mark in the country and with three others is in the UK top 10 – meaning that nearly half of the highest-marked top 10 Business Studies students in the UK come from Colyton.

This year’s GCSE cohort are the first in the school to sit the new, more challenging form of GCSE where a grade nine is ranked higher than the former A*.

Tim Harris, Headteacher at Colyton Grammar School, commented: “We are extraordinarily proud of our GCSE cohort and their outstanding results. They, and the staff who teach them, have achieved these results against a national background of change and challenge and they should be congratulated.”

Colyton Grammar School’s outstanding GCSE results come hard on the heels of equally outstanding results for A-level, where some 65.9% of students achieved A and A* grades, compared with the national average of 26.4%. Overall, 86% achieved grades from A* to B.

Fifteen students obtained at least three A* grades and six of these achieved an astonishing four A* grades. Ten students are holding offers from Oxbridge and a further ten have places on medical and veterinarian courses. In all, some 108 CGS students sat A-level examinations in a range of subjects.

Colyton Grammar School is expanding its sixth-form. Sixth form entry requirements are at least 50 points from eight GCSEs, including 5s in English and Maths. For those wanting to study Maths and Sciences at A-level they will need 7s in their chosen subjects. If Further Maths, an 8, and for all other subjects 6s.

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