Royal Marines Commando Challenge

Mrs Bauer and a number of sixth form students took part in the 5K Royal Marines’ Commando Challenge at Woodbury Common on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October in aid of Devon Air Ambulance and the Royal Marines’ own charity.

The students who took part were: Hamish M and Oscar D (Saturday) and (on Sunday) Laura M, Grace H, Marnie B, Milly K, Imogen A, Marie BT, Justine R and Wesley B. Wesley upped the ante by running the 10K version!

Mrs Bauer, said, “We waded through dirty lakes and had to dunk under the water, crawled through a load of long, pitch-dark twisty tunnels, held our breath whilst shoved through another tunnel full of water (known as the ‘sheep dip’), hoping we’d be pulled out in time by a burly marine before it was game-over and slithered on our tums in squelchy mud under combat netting; and then there were all the hills and valleys of the run whilst being chivvied on by a load of hard core marines. I tried to dodge out of the sheep dip but was bellowed at and so duly obeyed (was like getting a grilling from Channel 4’s SAS leader: Ant Middleton’ - scary – but so much fun!) but WE ALL DID IT and raised £450 in the process for the charities!

We all had such a great weekend, we loved it! Even better, we’ve vowed to go back and do it all again next year with a much bigger Colyton Team!”


Commando Challenge

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