Severe Weather Arrangements

If we have heavy snowfall or other severe weather affecting the roads, we will ensure that announcements are made via local radio stations and the county’s website (see below). If the weather is fine in the morning but worsens during the day, we may have to consider closing the school early, in which case please ensure that your child(ren) have somewhere safe to go if you are not at home and that they are aware of these arrangements.

As I am sure you understand, we will do everything we can to keep the school open. Our priority must be the safety of students and staff.

Please be aware of the following points:

Bus companies are notified by the Local Authority that if they bring students to school in the morning, they are duty bound to collect and return students later in the day
If it snows heavily overnight, the bus companies may decide not to run
If it snows heavily during the day we may have to call the buses in early
In poor weather, staff members may not be able to make it into school – many live some distance away. If we do not have enough staff on site to supervise students safely, we will inevitably have to close
Student and staff safety must be our main concern and climate conditions may vary significantly across the region

If we do have to close the school due to severe weather, we will inform you of any decision to close as early as possible. In the event of a closure, we will endeavour to notify you in the following ways by 7.30am:

  1. Get a message to Heart FM (FM 97.0 MHz/103.0 MHz - they will also post it on their website) and BBC Radio Devon (MW 990 KHz or FM 95.8 MHz/103.4MHz
  2. Send an email to all registered parents via e-comms
  3. Post a message on our website
  4. Inform the Local Authority, please check:

Parents are asked to check these sources before attempting to contact bus companies and to avoid contacting the school direct

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