Vision and Values

The school ethos (ethos means ‘nature or character of’) has been produced in consultation with representatives from trustees, students, support staff and teachers.

As a school community we have spent a great deal of time considering what the most valuable aspects of our ethos are. Lots of people have had their say and we think these following statements sum up what is good about our school. We think these statements are something we should all be aiming for all the time.

Our school is a community but it is linked to other communities locally, nationally and globally. We would like to promote these values which are part of our school community’s character.

  • We recognise and praise each other’s achievements when things go well
  • We offer support and advice when things get challenging or difficult
  • We are determined to persevere, to do our best, to try hard and to contribute
  • We trust each other
  • We value and respect each other’s differences of culture or background and want to learn from them
  • We like the freedom to think independently, share opinions and be individuals
  • We are happy to follow conventions of politeness and punctuality out of respect for others
  • We value wisdom and intellect
  • We like to be physically fit and healthy, we respect our bodies and we care about what we eat and drink
  • We have high expectations of ourselves and others
  • We appreciate and care for the pleasant surroundings of the school
  • We like people to have self-respect, but we are not keen on arrogance
  • We dress smartly and appropriately
  • We work to make everyone feel happy and welcome in a safe and friendly community
  • We encourage everyone to behave safely when online
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