Buddy System (Peer Advisors)

Peer Advisor/mentoring schemes are used in many schools and can make a big difference to students’ experience of school life.

At Colyton Grammar School, we have a team of trained advisors who are available to support students with a variety of issues. If you are new to the school you might welcome some support while you find your way around, make new friends and get used to lessons, the huge range of activities on offer and of course with homework. Even if you have been here a while, you may have work or friendship difficulties, or other things that worry you and might stop you from getting the most out of school.

Peer Advisors have been trained to listen to your concerns and help you work out how you want to handle them. They are all in the Sixth Form and have been trained in listening and communication skills, support and advice, as well as safety and confidentiality. They won’t tell you what to do, but will work with you, or suggest someone who might be able to help you.

You might be able to get help from the Peer Advisors in the following ways:

Transition support for Year 7

At the start of each academic year the Peer Advisors run a series of lunchtime activities for new students to help them get to know each other and feel more settled in the school. Activities have included treasure hunts and wide games and have proved hugely popular.
Students can also be matched with a Peer Advisor for one-to-one support if needed, for ongoing support around goals that you identify with the support of your mentor.

Keeping young people safe

All Peer Advisors receive training on child protection and confidentiality, because your safety and well-being is of great concern. For this reason Peer Advisors will not keep secrets and if they are worried that you may be in danger they may need to tell a member of staff in order to keep you safe. This will be discussed with you at the start of any mentoring relationship.

How to become a Peer Advisor

Students become Peer Advisors for several reasons; either because they want to put something back into the school or to develop their own skills, or both. It is a challenging and rewarding experience, and can contribute to the enrichment section of the AQA Bacc as well as supporting university applications. As well as gaining new skills and making new friends, Peer Advisors can make a real difference to the lives of younger students. Training takes place in the summer term after exams. Application is by letter and interview.

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