The social and emotional well-being of every student is a primary concern at Colyton Grammar School. SEAL is addressed through the PSHE programme, in other lessons, and in the ethos and atmosphere of the whole school.
There are 5 main learning outcomes of SEAL, each with a set of specific descriptors:

1. Knowing myself

For example:

I know that I am a unique individual, and I can think about myself on many different levels (e.g. physical characteristics, personality, attainments, attitudes, values, etc.)
I can identify my strengths and feel positive about them
I can identify my current limitations and try to overcome them

2. Managing my feelings

For example:

I can express my emotions clearly and openly to others and in ways appropriate to situations
I understand that how I express my feelings can have a significant impact both on other people and on what happens to me
I have a range of strategies to reduce, manage or change strong and uncomfortable feelings such as anger, anxiety, stress and jealousy

3. Motivation

For example:

I can set goals and challenges for myself, set criteria for success and celebrate when I achieve them
I can break a long-term goal into small, achievable steps
I can view errors as part of the normal learning process, and bounce back from disappointment or failure
I can take responsibility for my life, believe that I can influence what happens to me and make wise choices.

4. Empathy

For example:

I can work out how people are feeling through their words, body language, gestures and tone, and pay attention to them
I understand that people can all feel the same range of emotions, but that people do not necessarily respond in the same way to similar situations, and that different people may express their feelings in many different ways
I recognise and take account of my feelings of empathy and act on them by considering the needs and feelings of others

5. Social skills

For example:

I can communicate effectively with others, listening to what others say as well as expressing my own thoughts and feelings
I can take others’ thoughts and feelings into account in how I manage my relationships
I can achieve an appropriate level of independence from others, charting and following my own course while maintaining positive relationships with others
I have strategies for repairing damaged relationships
I can be assertive when appropriate

Within the school, there is a strong atmosphere of celebrating successes and embracing challenges. Students’ well-being, happiness and enjoyment of school life are foremost concerns, and the calm, safe working environment enables students to develop into independent, responsible citizens. Students are also encouraged to support others, through mentoring systems and leadership opportunities. Tutors and the pastoral team work very closely with students and subject staff, to support both the academic, and the social and emotional, aspects of learning.

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