Sixth Form Uniform

Sixth formers are very much the leaders in the school. They are role models for younger students and ambassadors for the school at public events. Therefore, we ask all students to dress smartly. Hair should be well groomed and should not be extreme in style. It is important that uniform colours and styles are exact. Thomas Moore (Exeter) and Honiton Sports (Honiton) are the major stockists of the sixth form uniform. If purchasing from other sources, please ensure the items match the requirements below:


A formal blazer or suit-style jacket in plain navy blue or black should be worn at all times. Thomas Moore and Honiton Sports stock the Banner Signature jacket for both girls and boys which we endorse. It is competitively priced. Alternatively, students can choose their own, as long as it is formal in style.


Tailored skirts should be either pleated, A-line, or pencil, in navy blue, black or grey. Skirt length on the knee. Wrap-around skirts, or tight-fitting skirts made of stretch fabric are not permitted.


Trousers should be full-length, tailored and not baggy, and should be in navy blue, black or grey. Jeans-style, corduroy, denim or canvas trousers may not be worn. Skinny-fit, figure hugging or elasticated trousers are also unacceptable.

Shirts and Blouses

All shirts and blouses to be white with a thin navy blue stripe with a shirt collar for boys and a rever collar for girls. These should be worn tucked in to skirts or trousers (unnecessary if fitted).


Formal v-neck jumpers, free from logos, can be worn under blazers. These should be plain navy blue or black and not too long or baggy. Thomas Moore and Honiton Sports stock the preferred range of plain-v-neck pullovers we endorse. Alternatively, students can choose their own, as long as it is formal in style.


A sixth form tie will be available from school and should be worn correctly with shirts. Boys should always wear ties. Girls may wear ties on formal occasions if they wish.


These should be in a single plain navy or black colour and free from decoration. No denim, velvet or leather jackets or hoodies.


Formal black, navy or dark brown should be leather type and not suede. Footwear should be appropriate for school use. This rules out casual shoes (e.g. trainers).


One plain earring in each ear-lobe and one plain chain or necklace is permitted.


A plain navy or back scarf may be worn but not in lessons.

Second-hand uniform is sold via the PA website and at the School Fête held each July

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