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Academies have curriculum flexibility in order to better match the curriculum to the needs of their students. Given the high ability of our students, this means that our curriculum structure is predicated around the importance of challenge and high achievement. In line with this philosophy, Colyton Grammar School delivers its lower years programme across two years (Years 7 and 8) thereby facilitating opportunities for greater breadth and depth in the exam years. Our GCSE courses are taught over three years (Years 9, 10 and 11) thereby allowing Year 12 and 13 students to follow a focused two year Sixth Form programme.




Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC)

Across all years and subjects spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural aspects are studied. For some examples of how SMSC is included within the day to day curriculum of the school, follow this link.


11+ Curriculum (lower years)

During the lower years students will follow the full range of National Curriculum subjects.

English with Drama, Mathematics, Science, Modern Foreign Languages, Art, Geography, History, Computing, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education and PSHE. Students in Year 7 are taught both French and German before making an option choice as to which of these they would like to study in Year 8. Additional support is provided for the small number of students who want to study both languages in Year 8. In 2018-19, Year 7 will study Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate sciences rather than a combined programme of Science. 

The final element of our lower years programme is the Extension carousel. All students in Year 8, apart from the dual linguists, will complete extension work in:

a) Art and culture b) Mental well-being c) Physical well-being d) Film studies e) Science in society

For a complete overview of each  subject please follow this link.

Lower Years Programme

13+ Curriculum  (middle years - GCSE)

For the middle years - GCSE, there is sufficient flexibility of choice to meet individual interests whilst maintaining a balanced curriculum.

All students study for nine core GCSEs in English Language & Literature, a Modern Foreign Language (presently French or German), Mathematics, Science (taught as Physics, Chemistry and Biology), a Humanities subject (History or Geography), and Religious Education. In addition, students choose two additional GCSE options from:

Art, Business, Computing, Drama, French, Geography, German, History and Music.

Two additional subjects, Physical Education and PSHE, are taught as non-exam courses.

For a complete overview of each GCSE subject please follow this link.

Middle Years Programme

16+ Curriculum (upper years)

Beyond GCSE, most students study three subjects to A (Advanced) Level together with the Extended Project. However there is an option for those who particularly want to study a fourth A Level such as Further Maths.

The following courses are offered to A-Level:

Art, Biology, Chemistry, Drama, Economics, English Literature, French, Geography, German, Government and Politics, History, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, Religion Philosophy and Ethics.

All courses now follow the linear model of examinations.

Students also have allocated lessons for Sixth Form games and PSHE. These are non exam courses.

For a complete overview of each A-Level subject please follow this link.

Upper Years

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