An overview of the Curriculum

Year 7 and Year 8: The lower years

The curriculum promotes firm academic foundations, personal enquiry, independent study, internationalism, and social responsibility. By focussing on learning how to learn, students are therefore equipped with the tools to navigate successfully through their GCSE courses.

Both Years 7 and 8 will have the opportunity to follow an Extension Programme.

Years 9 to Year 11: The middle years - GCSE

A move to a three year GCSE programme that allows for stretch and challenge during the delivery of the more difficult reformed GCSE programmes of study.

Enrichment opportunities in Year 9

Community Service: students will support the outreach work in the local primary schools establishing strong inter school partnerships and developing their own skill set.

Leadership Opportunities: empower the students to lead and develop their creativity.

This will make more efficient use of school resources and better equip teachers and students in obtaining the new grade 8 and 9.

In Year 11 students will undertake a week long work experience programme with a registered employer.

There is a clear EBacc focus

Year 12 and Year 13: upper years - A-Level (Gold standard for a Golden Age)

The curriculum offer should enable the Students to make informed decisions about their future destinations and career pathways. All students will:

Study three A-Levels

Participate in Games

Have timetabled PSHE lessons

Undertake Community Service

Experience careers education including work experience, higher education preparation and a leadership programme to inspire.

In addition, all pupils can choose one of the following to enhance and further enrich their development at the school:

An Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

A fourth A Level subject.

AS Further Maths

GCSE Latin and/or GCSE Mandarin

The curriculum is designed in a way that provides recognition to the full range of student’s achievements and learning experiences including academic qualifications and personal development. Completion of this Colyton Grammar School Baccalaureate will signify that a student has received a rounder education and has achieved success in a range of skill areas, not limited to those tested in a formal examination.


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