"To change the world you need to understand it, to understand it you need to know Economics.”

Economics is current; it is about real world issues that matter. Students studying Economics at CGS are actively encouraged to develop a passion for reading around the subject and to enquire why decisions are made.

Students will learn about issues such as global inequality , the subprime loan market, the growing economies of China, India and Africa as well as investigating how the UK government can slow down the obesity crisis. Students will develop analytical and quantitative skills, together with qualities and attitudes
that will equip them for the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of
adult and working life.

In recent years student have opted to study a range of courses at University such as Economics at Oxford, Business Management, Fashion and Marketing as well as Accountancy

- Mr Shields, Head of Business and Economics


Students are introduced to economics through building knowledge of core microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts, and by investigating economic theory through real-world businesses and the environments in which they operate.

Breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding with applications to more complex concepts and models are developed throughout the course.

Students will need to apply their knowledge and understanding to both familiar and unfamiliar contexts in the assessment and demonstrate an awareness of current economic events and policies.

The GCSE course allows students to begin to understand how the world of business operates. They will develop an understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur, consider the how the recruitment process works, research the environmental and ethical problems facing today’s businesses as well as identifying the impact consumer law has on both consumer and business.

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