Life at Colyton Grammar

Stephen Alumnus OC1982

Stephen Alumnus OC1982

Where are they now?

I am working as a Director of Infrastructure in WSP based in Berkshire. WSP is a multidisciplinary organisation specialising in the design of the Built Environment, Building Structures and Sustainability. I am a Chartered Civil Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers. I design and manage infrastructure projects across the UK and the World comprising of Bridges, Roads, Public Open Spaces, Drainage and Utility Services. Two very large and significant projects I am currently working on are Neom ( in Saudi Arabia which is a $500 Billion project to build a new Carbon free City on the coast of the Red Sea. I am also working on the London Resort ( which is proposing to build a brand new Theme Park on the banks of the River Thames just to the east of London due to open in 2024. It will be Europe’s largest theme park and bigger than EuroDisney France. It will be truly innovative and sustainable and aims to be a world class destination.

Favourite Memory of Colyton Grammar School?

I loved the swimming pool! Especially gaining my Gold lifesaving qualifications which was very hard and gave me a real sense of achievement at such a young age. I hated jumping into the freezing cold water, but then always loved it after the 1st minute ! My headmaster, Mr Fox, was also amazing and also my next door neighbour and sometimes even gave me a lift to school when it was raining! We met up and reunited with classmates back in 2016.