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Careers Information, Advice & Guidance

School Contact: Mr S Smith (Careers Leader & Assistant Headteacher)

Phone Number: 01297 552327


Careers education at Colyton Grammar School is aimed at providing exceptional students with the same inspiration that our academic programme gives.

We seek to help our learners understand their strengths, to demonstrate and develop employability skills, and have the best qualifications to maximise their opportunities in a rapidly changing careers world. We believe that as students gain greater maturity, they recognise also the importance of their core values in steering a successful career journey. We recognise that all of our students have the potential to go on beyond school to make a significant contribution to society, given their intellectual ability and personal capabilities.

To help us give the best information, advice and guidance to our students, we value a collaborative approach, working with leading universities and employers, with parents and former Colyton students, as well as the staff of Careers South West.

Inspire Talks

We have an annual programme of careers talks from employers, Colyton alumni, as well as parents of current Colyton students. Speakers give assemblies and lunchtime presentations on their career journeys and experience, and hold Question and Answer sessions with interested students.

We are always interested to hear from you, if you have a career story to tell, or can give advice and information about a particular career area. Please get in touch with Dr E Styles on 01297 552327.

Inspire Talks for 2021

Here at Colyton our students journey after leaving Colyton Grammar School is still important to us. This year we are sharing pre-recorded career inspire talks from our alumni with our students. It is fantastic to have the support of our alumni to inspire, open minds and share with our current student the different career paths available to them.

Alumna Erica Farmer (OC1999) shares with us her career journey so far

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