Teaching & Support Teams

Our teaching and support teams are made up of professionals who are committed to providing the best and broadest educational experience in a friendly and efficiently-run environment, ensuring that every student meets their potential.

Pastoral Team

Mr J Robinson, Assistant Head - Wellbeing/Designated Safeguarding Lead; Teacher of PE

Mrs S Brownley, Head of Wellbeing; Teacher of Drama

Mr H Stone, SENDCo / Chemistry

Mr L Rowe, Head of Year 7/Physics

Mrs S Devoto, Head of Year 8; Teacher of PE

Miss R Woods. Head of Year 9 ; Teacher of RPE

Miss S Tucker, Head of Year 10; Teacher of Art

Mr B Rowe, Head of Year 11; Teacher of PE

Mr R Radcliffe, Head of Year 12; Teacher of Geography

Mr A Streat, Head of Year 13; Teacher of English


Head of Department

Mr L Brown, Head of Biology

Mrs C Byron, Head of Outdoor Learning

Mr M Cronk, Head of Computing

Mr A Davidson, Careers and Citizenship

Mr H Gardner, Head of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Miss P Hickey, Head of Geography

Mrs K Lea, Head of English

Mr P Lynch, Head of Physics

Mrs F Robert, Head of Music

Dr N Rorke, Head of Chemistry

Miss J Shute, Director of Physical Education (PE)

Mrs A Stenner, Head of Maths

Mr A Stephan, Head of Business Studies and Economics

Mrs L Swait, Head of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (RPE)

Dr E Styles, Head of Development

Mrs L Wakeling, Head of History and Politics

Teaching Staff

Mrs S Armour, French 

Miss E Bayley, Chemistry

Ms J Benattar, Computer Science

Mrs L Bennett, Maths

Mrs N Bentall, German 

Mr W Braithwaite, Physics             

Mrs J Brooker, History

Mr L Brown, Biology 

Mrs S Brownley, Drama

Miss V Carter, 

Miss C Durden, Geography 

Miss R Ellis, English; RPE

Mr A Fudger, Maths

Mr G Gosling, Physical  Education (PE)

Mrs D Haas-Evans, Maths

Mrs S Harris, Art

Mr A Hawkes, English 

Mrs S Hudson, Maths

Mrs M-R Hughes, Second in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Miss L Hunt, PE

Mrs A Ilo, English

Mrs M Johnson, Mandarin

Ms A Killick, History

Ms H Jenner, Drama

Miss T Le, Maths

Mrs M Lester, Music

Miss F Maiden, Psychology

Mrs Y McGowan, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (RPE)

Mr J Mould, Assessment Lead Maths

Mrs I O’Shea, French

Mr R Radcliffe, Geography

Miss H Rix, History 

Ms A Rust, Business and Economics

Mrs B Simpson, Chemistry

Mr S Smith, English

Mrs C Swarbrick, Biology

Mrs L Trott, Science

Mrs J Williams, Psychology

Ms L Williams, Maths

Language Assistants:

Mrs P Bacon, German

Miss C Kouado, French

Support Staff

Administration, Finance, IT, Resources and Welfare Support

Miss A Salter, Admin Assistant

Miss J Prior, Administration; Reception

Mrs H MacLean,  Administrator; Resources; First Aider

Mrs H Nelhams, Attendance Officer

Miss A Lockwood, Data Manager

Dr E Styles, Head of Development

Mrs N Payne, Exams Officer; Media Technician

Mrs R Taylor, Finance Assistant

Mrs S Lovell, Finance Manager

Mrs A  Booker, Governance Officer

Mr C Pepler , IT Manager

Mrs T Smith, Receptionist / Secretary

Educational Support Team

Mr S Pritchard, Cover Manager

Mrs J Rees, Counsellor

Mrs C Bean, Librarian

Ms S Taylor, SEND; Intervention and Support Officer

Mrs S Tennant, Pastoral Assistant

Mrs A Orchard, Sixth Form Administrator

Site and Catering Staff

Mr M Bader, Daytime caretaker

Mr S Hitchcock, Site Assistant

Mr D Hutchings, Facilities Manager

Mr T Postin, Groundsman

Mr B Turberville, Assistant Site Manager

Mr D Woods, Innovate Catering Manager


Mrs C Courtney-Baker, Science Technician   

Mr N Fitzgerald, Art Technician

Mrs N Jokonya, Senior Technician  

Miss A Reynolds, Science Technician

Mr C Taylor, School Technician