Higher Education


Destinations PosterWe have an established track record of helping our students to secure places on highly selective university courses, including places at Oxford, Cambridge, Ivy League universities, and to read Medicine and Veterinary Science.

At the same time, we encourage students to think for themselves and pursue the future pathways that truly inspire them. As a result, a number of our students look beyond conventional university courses. In recent years sixth formers have been offered places on the most competitive degree apprenticeships, and at leading music conservatoires, on prestigious film degree courses and highly specialised technological and engineering programmes.


A summary of the university destinations of our 2022 leavers can be found here 


Sixth Form students receive extensive advice and guidance about higher education and careers throughout their time in their Sixth Form. Further information is available in the resources below:

Resources for Parents and Guardians: 

Higher Education Handbook 2024

Year 12 HE Evening Presentation - March 2024

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Oxford University Parents & Carers Guide

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