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Getting here

Colyton Grammar School, Whitwell Lane, Colyford, Devon EX24 6HN

By Bus

There are multiple Bus Routes to travel to Colyton Grammar School. This map offers you some guidance and contact details for local bus companies. The school does not organise the bus routes.

Stamps:  01404 841657

AVMT: - 01297 625959

Rooster Bus: - 07902 945403

Dartline: - 01392 872900

Hatch Green: 01823 480338

Stamps bus route


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By Car

If you are bringing or dropping off your child by car, please note that this is to be done via the top car park and waiting is not encouraged.

There is limited visitor parking, and visitors are asked to let reception know if they will need a parking space.

Sat Nav: EX24 6HN

CGS google map


By Bicycle

Cycle racks are available on the school campus

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Financial Support

Colyton Grammar School is a state-funded academy – which means that education is provided free of charge. However, we recognise that there are indirect costs involved in a child’s education, including costs involved in getting to school. 

We want all students to be able to take full advantage of the opportunities available at school, click here, to learn about possible sources of funding and support if your household has limited income. 

If you do not qualify for any of the sources of support that are covered below, we will still give consideration to individual requests for assistance. Please contact the Director of Finance and Resources, by writing to the school address or using the main school email address –