Our Sustainable School

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As a society, we have become increasingly aware of environmental issues, climate change and the need to create a more sustainable future, and young people have helped to raise awareness of the challenges we face. 

We believe that Colyton Grammar School has a crucial role to play in achieving environmental sustainability because we can help our students to understand the world around them and to develop skills and attitudes that will enable them to live fulfilled lives as responsible citizens. 

Following COP26 in April 2022, the Department of Education (DfE) released their Sustainability & Climate Change Strategy for Education, envisioning the UK as the world-leading education sector in sustainability and climate change by 2030. 

The strategy has four aims: 

  1. Excellence in education and skills for a changing world 
  2. Net Zero 
  3. Resilience to climate change
  4. A better environment for future generations

At Colyton Grammar School, we believe that environmental sustainability is a challenge that all societies face during the 21st century. Our pupils are entitled to an education that equips them with knowledge, values and skills that will enable them to think critically about the climate change situation and increase their capacity to solve the problems that they will encounter in their lifetimes. Our school/trust's approach to environmental sustainability encompasses all aspects of school life, learning and management. In our work to improve our school sustainability, we are working on the DfE strategy and using the 4 C's method shown below 


We have already made great progress but are fully aware of the need for further future developments. Some of the initiatives that we have already implemented are highlighted below 

Sustainable Culture at Colyton Grammar School

  • Student Eco team to engage, inspire and act 
  • Recycling is encouraged with signage and easy to use bins 

A greener Colyton opens its doors - Latest News - Colyton Grammar School

  • ​Recycling bins are in every classroom and office to collect wastepaper. Aluminium cans and food waste are also recycled 
  • Procurement of local seasonal food wherever possible 
  • Second-hand uniform and book recycling encouraged by our culture of recycling 
  • Pen recycling through TERRACYCLE 
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And pen there were none! - Latest News - Colyton Grammar School

  • ​Students and staff value a clean and litter free environment which they all help to maintain 

Sustainable Campus at Colyton Grammar School

  • Improved biodiversity by re-wildiing around the school grounds 
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Sustainability Blooms at Colyton Grammar School - Latest News - Colyton Grammar School

  • Increased energy efficiency through installation of new LED lighting 
  • Light sensors used extensively 
  • Generating solar power 
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Solar panels mark another step towards becoming a more sustainable school - Latest News - Colyton Grammar School

  • Tree planting 
  • Cavity wall insulation 
  • Removal of single use plastics across the site 
  • Water fountains readily availabl and re-usable water bottles encouraged 
  • Water and energy monitoring 
  • Energy Supplier 
  • Procurement policy 

Sustainable Community at Colyton Grammar School

  • Student learning in our local outdoor environments such as Seaton Wetlands, Horriford Woods and Seaton Coast
  • Students working together to plan and implement change with projects such as the Zero Carbon club 
  • Leader of outdoor education 

Sustainable Curriculum at Colyton Grammar School

  • Environmental sustainability embedded across the curriculum 
  • Students are consulted on environmental issues and the subject of sustainability in the school forum 
  • Students are given many opportunities to learn outside of the classroom 
  • Students learn about food production and nutrition 
  • PSHE on environmental issues and sustainable lifestyles 
  • Careers advice including green careers