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Welcome to Colyton Grammar School: A beautiful place to study

In 1546 our school was established “for the goodly and virtuous education of children forever”. Our goal is to create excellence through intellectual curiosity and creativity and to enable our students to thrive as they take their next steps into the world of university and the workplace.
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Year 13

I have been a student at Colyton since Year 7. While learning in lockdown was challenging, I believe that everyone returned to school with a new-found gratitude for education.
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Adam - Alumnus OC201...

Adam - Alumnus OC2011

Technology Manager

I am working for a growing tech company in San Francisco. I wanted to move to the States after completing a MPhil in American Politics - inspired by US history lessons at Colyton with Mr Gregson!
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Year 13 Student

Joining Colyton was far easier than I could have anticipated; the staff were supportive, the students were kind, and the learning environment was a perfect balance between ambitious and reassuring.
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Year 12 Student

Colyton is motivated, driven and supportive.
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Stephen Alumnus OC19...

Stephen Alumnus OC1982

Alumnus OC1982

My headmaster, Mr Fox, was also amazing and also my next door neighbour and sometimes even gave me a lift to school when it was raining! We met up and reunited with classmates back in 2016.
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Victoria Alumna OC20...

Victoria Alumna OC2001


Victoria is now a Director and is Chief of Staff to the General Counsel and CRO of PwC. My favourite memory of Colyton Grammar was playing Sandy in Grease
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