Izzy sets sail for success


News - Jun 14

My first day sailing, aged 11, was spent sailing Zests. I achieved the Star Sailor award and completed my Stages between August 2018 and July 2019. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to sail a variety of boats, including Optimists, Teras, Zests, Picos, FunBoats, Toppers (5.3s and 6.4s), Bytes, ILCAs (4s and 6s), Fevas, Bahias, 420s, 29ers, Keelboats, and even Cruisers!

I was lucky to be selected for the RYA SW RTG Squad 2020-21, which provided me with valuable training over the winter. In Summer 2021, I achieved my RYA Assistant DI qualification. This was a huge step and enables me to help young people who might not usually have the opportunity to go sailing to get out on the water. At the Regional Junior Championships in 2021, I came 1st girl in the SW. My best result was 3rd in the final race. This is the result that I am most proud of!

My ultimate ambition for the next few years is to sail at the Youth Worlds. This is very much long-term, but I am putting my all into making it happen.

Isabel G  (Year 10)