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News - Aug 10

Today, our Year 13 students received their outstanding A Level grades. These superb grades are not based on a one-off event but on the evidence of two years of hard work in the pursuit of scholastic excellence. I am delighted that the resilience and resourcefulness of our students have equipped them to demonstrate their academic abilities, enabling them to show what they are truly capable of despite the intrusions and disruptions of a global pandemic. At Colyton Grammar School we pride ourselves on our scholastic excellence and on the development of well-rounded individuals best prepared for the next step in their lives. This year typifies these outcomes more than ever and I am so happy for our students who can begin the next phase of their development with confidence and renewed energy.  

Although it has been an untypical two years, the outcomes we celebrate today are very much typical of the outstanding care and exceptional aptitude of our students and staff. Congratulations to you all! 

Tim Harris, Headteacher