Parents' Meetings

Parents' Meetings provide an opportunity for subject staff, tutors, parents and individual students to discuss the student's progress and for parents to ask questions and express concerns. The dialogue should be beneficial to students, parents and staff.


Students are expected to attend the meetings with their parents/guardians


Parents' Meetings are arranged on a regular basis. The current timetable for such meetings is as follows:

Date Year Event Time
12th October 2023 11 Parents' Evening A&B 4-6.45pm
19th October 2023 11 Parents' Evening C,E & O  4-7.30pm
23rd November 2023 13 Parents Evening  4-6.30pm 
25th January 2024 11 Parents Evening 4-6.45pm
1st February 2024  8 Parents Evening A&B 4 - 6.45pm
8th February 2024  Parents Evening C,E & O  4-7.30pm 
7th March 2024 13  Intervention Parents' Evening  4 - 6.45pm 
14th March 2024 7 Parents Evening A&B  4-6.45pm
21st March 2024 7 Parents Evening C,E & O  4 - 7.30pm
25th April 2024  10  Parents Evening A & B  4 - 6.45pm 
2nd May 2024 10  Parents Evening C,E & O 4 - 7.30pm
6th June 2024 9 Parents Evening A & B  6-6.45pm
13th June 2024  Parents' Evening C,E & O 4 - 7.30pm 
4th July 2024 12  Parents Evening  4-6.45pm

The school uses an online booking system for Year 7 to 13 parents’ meetings and parents/guardians will be notified, via InTouch, approximately two or three weeks prior to the event taking place, that the booking system is open for bookings (please see table above for dates).

To access the booking system, click on the following link and enter the details as requested; make sure that you enter the tutor group correctly. For example 9A or 9B NOT 9 A or 9 Ash. Please see the school website for full instructions or look at the help guide and video tutorials on our webpage: Parents' Evening Bookings Guide.

Anyone without access to the internet can send a list of the teachers they wish to see to Reception.