Our Trustees


Our Trustees and Members 

Colyton Grammar School is an academy trust, and its Board of Trustees and Trustees are responsible for setting the strategic direction for the school. This includes ensuring it is solvent and well-run. Trustees are also directors of the academy trust.  

The Board consists of the Headteacher together with a number of other trustees, some elected from the parent body and others appointed by the Members under Article 50. 

Trustees come from a wide range of backgrounds and are chosen to ensure a balance of skills across the Board. Trustees are generally in post for four years with the option to be reappointed for a further four years and a cap of eight years’ service in total. The combination of experienced trustees and new recruits ensures both continuity and a fresh approach. 

The Board of Trustees is led by a Chair and Vice Chair. When a new Chair is elected the previous Chair assumes the role of Vice Chair for one year in order to assist and direct the new Chair. After one year a new Vice Chair is elected who would be expected to become the new Chair in due course. 

The Board is arranged in four Focus Groups to ensure the best use of trustee expertise and efficient liaison with members of the school’s Senior Leadership Team and other members of staff. Focus Groups are each chaired by a Trustee who co-opts the skills and expertise of other trustees where this adds strength and value, and who liaises with the member of the Senior Leadership Team allocated to that particular Focus Group. Focus Groups include: 


  • Admissions 

  • Digital and blended learning 

  • Challenge (teaching and learning) 

  • Wellbeing 

  • Safeguarding 

Communications and Social Responsibility 

  • Marketing and communications 

  • Social media and the website 

  • Parents’ Association 

  • Community relations 

  • Alumni 

  • Fundraising 


  • Finance 

  • Estate and estate management 

  • Catering 

Human Resources 

  • Oversight of issues and activities relating to teaching and administrative staff 

  • Staff assessment and development 

  • Staff wellbeing and work/life balance 

  • Reward and discipline 

The full Board meets at least three times every academic term. Members meet once a term. All meetings are minuted by the Clerk to the Trustees with minutes made available to Trustees and Members. Full Board minutes are published here [link]. Focus Groups meet more regularly, the frequency depending on related activity at the time.  

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Members are a separate body although the Chair of Trustees is also a Member and provides a bridge between the work of the two groups. Members have a limited but distinct role. They are the guardians of the Trust with responsibility for ensuring that the Trust fulfils its charitable function of providing effective educational provision. Members are responsible for approving the appointment of new Trustees and the removal of a Trustee. As part of its oversight the Members’ group receives a copy of the Annual Accounts and confirm any appointment of an auditor. Where, in exceptional circumstances, a Board is failing to fulfil its function Members may direct or even dismiss a Board 

To contact the Chair of Trustees and/or the Secretary to the Trustees, please email or write to the main school address.


  • Admissions, curriculum matters
  • Standards and school performance
  • Special needs (SEN)
  • Behaviour and discipline
  • Collective worship and religious education
  • Pastoral support, staffing structure and selection
  • Performance management
  • Succession planning for teaching and support staff
  • Safeguarding



  • Financial management
  • Premises development
  • Building maintenance
  • Health and Safety
  • Pay and conditions
  • Trustees' training

Trustee Meeting Minutes