Jimw colyton grammar school 89



Lower Years PSHE

The lower years curriculum will involve the following:



Year 7

Year 8

Autumn Term

Learning and wellbeing

Social media and influence

Introduction to the Living Life To The Full programme

Mental health awareness

Sex and relationships (SRE) education including:

Different types of relationships

Support during puberty Learning


Learning, organisation and wellbeing

Mental health awareness – Workshop delivered by The Project Consultancy and Training

Awareness and understanding about alcohol and drug use and abuse


Question and answer session delivered by Proud2Be

Maintaining friendships

Online scams and phishing

Spring Term

Anti-bullying awareness

Focus on online bullying

Attitudes and empathy to others

Living Life To The Full Programme

Sex and relationships (SRE) education including:

Development of relationships

Communication within relationships

Online safety, including sexting, talk delivered by former Police officer Gary Gates

Summer Term

Understanding stereotypes

Discussions about discrimination

Careers education

Students work through a programme called “The Real Game”. The Real Game is a series of lessons that students find engaging and enjoyable which encourages thought and discussion about personal finance and their progression through education and employment in the future.

Discussions about radicalisation and terrorism.Diversity


Parliament and Government

The role of an MP

Middle Years (Y9-11) PSHE

PSHE Key Stage 4 Curriculum: Subject overview


Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Autumn Term

Wellbeing and studying for GCSE.

Organsation and support networks.

Maintaining good mental health.

Sex and relationships (SRE) education including:

Sexually transmitted infections


Child sexual exploitation

Human rights

Cultural identity

Influence of leaders and groups

Honour-based violence, forced marriage and FGM

Careers Pathways

Sixth Form Options

Careers research using the library resources

Careers research using KUDOS

Wellbeing, revision and mock exam preparation.

Mock exam reflection

Spring Term

Sex and relationships (SRE) education including:

Peer pressure


Teenage Cancer Trust Awareness Talk (details provided to parents and students prior to this event.)

Diversity, equality and the law.

Delivering a Living Life To The Full lesson to students in Year 7.

Sex and relationships (SRE) education including:Awareness of the law surrounding pornography and sexting.

Behaviour in healthy and unhealthy relationships

Responsibilities within relationships

Drugs education – delivered by former police officer Gary Gates

Careers education to include:

Work experience launch

Writing a CV

Young Devon Workshop – practical strategies for dealing with challenge and exam stressSex and relationships (SRE) education including:

Domestic Abuse

Personal Safety

Following February half term students are provided with time during PSHE to complete individual revision. Students will receive 1-1 support from tutors regarding revision skills and progress. Whole group revision sessions will be delivered according to the need of the group.

Summer Term

Employability Skills

Employment rights and responsibilities

Financial capability to include awareness about wages, tax, loans, credit, mortgages and savings.

Physical and mental healthLearning and revision strategies

Careers education to include:

Letters of application

Job interviews

KS5 options information

Private study and individual advice and guidance from tutors.

Upper Years PSHE

Year 12 


  • Valuing Diversity 

  • Leading a healthy and balanced life 

  • Making safe choices: Drugs & Alcohol 

  • Making safe choices: Driving & the Law 

  • Relationships: consent, sexual health, contraception 

Personal Development 

  • The value of Higher Education 

  • Alternatives to Higher Education 

  • Work Experience: application and reflection 

  • Community involvement 

  • Developing interests to support competitive pathways beyond school 

  • Higher Education research 

  • Higher Education application 

  • Developing professional skills and behaviours  


Year 13 


  • Personal Safety: recognising manipulation & abuse/radicalisation 

  • Maintaining good mental health: dealing with anxiety 

  • University Finance   

  • Home-leaving skills: living on a budget 

  • Home-leaving skills: breaking the ice, developing confidence in new social situations 

  • Home-leaving skills: housing and accommodation 

  • Home-leaving skills: recipes for success 


  • Completing university applications 

  • Developing interview skills and behaviour 

  • University post-application: making Firm & Insurance choices 

  • Developing careers at university and beyond (graduate careers)