Exeter Translation Festival 2022

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News - Jun 8

Mr Giraudon took a group of Year 12 students studying German and French to the Exeter Public Library to listen-in on some workshops about translation.  

“Last Thursday, five other A-Level language students and I went to a variety of talks held at Exeter Library and organised by the University of Exeter. We started off the day listening to the process of translation, and why there is still such a large job market for translators despite technological advances. We then attended a talk on the history of English language and how similar it is to French. We were able to look at Medieval French and compare it to 13th Century English. In the afternoon we listened to talks about using language in marketing, and how adverts have to be adapted in their language depending on what country they’re from and who they are for. We had the opportunity to translate slogans from French, Spanish and German into English whilst trying to retain the same or a similar message or format. We then ended the day with a talk about translating ‘evil’ words. A great insight into decision making for translators when dealing with difficult texts or indeed words.” Benjy B-M – Yr12 French student 

“I enjoyed my day at Exeter library. It was fun learning about the translation profession and about how to get into it.” Aeron T – Yr12 German student