Lunch venues for Year 11

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News - Jun 21

Mr Gregson has dramatically enhanced the Year 11 student experience as the proprietor of Basil’s Bistro and The Gaslight Club.

Having somewhere to eat lunch and socialise with friends is a top priority for Year 11 students at Colyton amidst the pressure of GCSE preparations. The opening of Basil’s Bistro in Cottrill Hall has provided Year 11s with a space where they can come to eat lunch at their own leisure; whether they need to quickly eat lunch before a club or purely want to have a break from schoolwork, the new space has been beneficial to all. The area itself has been tastefully decorated by Mr Gregson, who also makes frequent appearances accompanied by music, providing entertainment for all diners. Mr Gregson says that: “The focus is very much on well-being and at the same time recognising the position of Year 11 as the senior students in main school. With the growth of student numbers in recent years, enhancing social spaces has been a priority and therefore the Sixth Form Café and recent Cottrill Hall developments are just the beginning. Budgetary provision, for example, has already been made in 2022/23 for covered outdoor seating for other year groups. Exciting times as always at Colyton Grammar School!“

“With upcoming exams, it’s so great to just take a break and chill without the pressure to study – Basil’s Bistro provides the opportunity.” – A Year 11 student.