Footprints but NOT carbon

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News - Jul 5

The Geography Department have been busy with fieldwork this term taking out all the Year 9 and 10 Geographers on highly sustainable fieldwork for their GCSE studies. Very nearly zero carbon footprint trips with students walking and not making use of any fossil fuels.

Year 9 have been studying the impact of management on deciduous woodland ecosystems at Holyford Woods Local Nature Reserve, learning about the structure and functions of the ecosystem as well as recording evidence of ecological succession.

Year 10 have been examining our local area to assess the extent to which Colyford is a sustainable settlement, conducting a range of fieldwork techniques such as environmental quality surveys and sound level recordings as well as traffic counts.

Both field trips have been conducted on a low carbon footprint basis as both involved the study of geography in our local area and students walked to and from the school on both occasions. The trips were successful and will enable students to develop and demonstrate their geographical skills. We may have left some footprints, but they certainly were not of the carbon variety.


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