Lego Robotics Challenge

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News - Jul 5

A group of Year 8 students completed the Tomorrow’s Engineers Robotics Challenge, discovering what engineers can do to create a cleaner, more sustainable world.  The team built, adapted and programmed Lego robots during weekly sessions in school before attending a regional heat to compete against other schools.  The team showcased their successes by completing a series of environmentally-themed hands-on engineering missions, in addition to completing a speed challenge and presenting their robot designs to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) ambassadors.  The students came away as well-deserved winners of the Teamwork Challenge – well done to you all!

Arthur O, 8E Digital Media Executive reports, “When it got to the actual day, we were nervous. We started with ‘Speed and Control’, which didn’t go as expected. We realised we could use gears to attach onto the robot to make it faster, but before we didn’t think this was allowed. Fortunately, we were allowed a third attempt using last minute gears and designs to improve substantially. Next was the ‘Challenge Mat’, which went alright. We found out that we were the only team to attempt all the tasks, which was a big morale boost for us. Then we had the secret ‘Teamwork Challenge’, where you have to build something based on what was described by two of your team members. We ended up winning this challenge which was a big shock to us. Finally, we presented our robot design to a judge, which was judged by how well we prepared. If we were to do this again, we would add gears to our robot before the challenge and test run our challenges, so we would know what to do on the day.  We hope that next year’s Robotics Challenge team will do well and learn from our mistakes to do even better.”