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News - Jul 5


Before the half-term holiday, all Year 10 students sat the British Physics Olympiad Junior Physics Challenge, an international challenge run by the University of Oxford. 

For the 10,000 students across the world who participated, the awards were distributed as follows: 16% Gold, 28% Silver, 52% Bronze. The distribution of awards for Colyton students was significantly above this at 21% Gold, 39% Silver and 39% Bronze. Congratulations to all of Year 10 for this fantastic achievement!

Junior Biology Olympiad 

Two weeks ago, all of Years 9 and 10 took part in the Junior Biology Olympiad. The results have just come in and students will receive certificates over the next few weeks. Colyton students achieved 10 Gold awards (this puts them in the top 5% Nationally), 36 Silver awards (top 15% Nationally) and 47 Bronze (top 25% Nationally). These are brilliant results and we are very proud of their achievements. All students who entered have received details of their free Royal Society of Biology membership for a year. Those students that achieved a Gold are: Rosalia A-E, Alice K, Daniel X, Xiaokun Y, Frederick S, Woody F-S, Merida P, Kannan K, Dominic A-P and Riley H. 


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