Year 7 Biology Fieldtrips to Seaton Wetlands National Nature Reserve 

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News - Jul 5

All our Year 7 forms have now spent glorious days in the sunshine at our local nature reserve – Seaton Wetlands. Lead by East Devon Education Ranger Penny Evans, our students learnt about the conservation work that takes place in one of our most valuable and ecologically diverse nature reserves.  

Students learnt that a range of conservation strategies are necessary to maximise biodiversity and that these could sometimes be controversial, especially where non-native invasive species are involved.  Students completed both freshwater and grassland sampling to determine the environmental quality of both areas.  Penny was amazed by 7 Oak’s ability to catch fish in the stream (including a trout – the first one in memory for this stream on the site)! 7 Ash were also treated to watch the release of Slow worms to bolster the local population.  


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