Colyton Grammar School is bringing poetry back to a younger audience with the Poetry and Songwriting Society!

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News - Oct 5

With the way poetry is taught to people my age, it can often be distant, withdrawn, inaccessible, and unrelatable, when in reality that is the exact opposite of what poetry is supposed to be.

We hope to change this.

The Poetry and Songwriting Society will explore songs that students will have listened to, poems that young people will be able to relate to, and help students to write their own poetry.

Members also get the opportunity to take part in a monthly competition where the two winners (one for poetry, one songwriting) will get to represent the school by having their work put on the school’s website, Twitter and Instagram, so other students can be inspired to write their own poetry by reading poetry written by people their age.

Bianca B – Year 12 Student Digital Media Executive