Year 7 Escot Experience

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News - Sep 25

Recently Year 7 students completed an all-day tutor-based activity at Escot Estate.  The aim was to develop Year 7 team cohesion through a variety of team building activities, in a wonderful outdoor setting.  These sessions were delivered by UX2 @UX2Training , a professional outdoor education company based at Escot.  They have a wealth of experience and knowledge in delivering beneficial programmes for schools, encouraging resilience, strength of character and positivity through fun and thoughtful activities. The Year 7 students had a fantastic time. Here are some comments from 7O: 

"I really enjoyed the trip to Escot. I loved getting soaking wet and covered in mud. The UX2 leaders were very kind and helpful. I would go again!" 

I really enjoyed the trip, and thought it was great for getting to know each other. I loved the mud run as well as the team bridge building activity."

"It was awesome! Tiring but awesome. We got very muddy and my mum was annoyed that I ruined a towel, but it was worth it."

"I really enjoyed our trip to Escot. I believe we became closer as a tutor group through the power of teamwork. It was a brilliant day out!"

"It was a great way to form bonds and conquer fears."