Rowe VS Rowe: The Ultimate Teacher Basketball Showdown of the Year

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News - Dec 8

Prior to the game, there was confidence from both sides. Mr (PE) Rowe said: "It's a big day today. We've prepared, I don't think Mr Rowe - the other one, I'm the original - has. I've got a pretty strong team and we're going hard. If anyone's got any ribs left, let me know because I'll be surprised." Then Mr (Physics) Rowe followed with: "In my team, there is no weak link. In the opposition, Mr Rowe's got a dodgy left knee, Mr Robinson is just dodgy."

Both teams gave it their all in a highly suspenseful game. The competitive atmosphere on court was matched by the enthusiasm of the students who had packed into the Sports Hall to watch. Students Shae B and Carlos T said: “We’re backing Mr Physics Rowe, he’s got some great skills with the ball” whilst Renee T said: “We love the PE team!” and Olivia M added: “I want to see Mr Brown dunk!”

With the PE department coming out top, with a final score of 21-9, here's what Mr (PE) Rowe had to say about the victory:  "They didn't have the team, they didn't have the tactics.”

Most importantly, it was fantastic to see so much support from the students, thank you to the teachers for taking part and everyone for their donations. Watch this space to see how much we raised!

Sabina S & Emiko L’E