Year 9s Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Year 2020/21  

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News - Jul 9

After such a difficult 18 months of the pandemic we were determined to remain resilient and complete our Bronze Duke of Edinburgh (DofE). This meant we had to complete Volunteering, Physical activity and Skill! 

Once we returned to school in March, Mrs Byron (Head of Outdoor Learning) planned our expeditions. A practise walk took place in early May then a month later our two-day one-night expedition took place. We walked roughly 16 miles over the two days, and we learnt to pitch tents, cook from a Trangia and map read. We had to plan our own routes and we were on our own, guiding ourselves towards the campsite. 

Now you had to be responsible for all your own meals and only some guidance was given on how to cook, the rest was up to you! We thoroughly enjoyed our DofE journey. It taught us to be resilient through the hardest year in our lives and gave us a newfound independence when we cooked and pitched our own tents. We also learned to be responsible as you must be sensible and respectful when out walking and map reading, making sure to follow the country code. 

If you are considering DofE my advice is to go for it! It’s definitely worth the hard work and it is great fun to do with your friends. 

Caitlin M, Year 9, Junior Media Executive