Year 8 dig deep into their imaginations after Beer Quarry Caves visit

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News - Jul 13

Students from Year 8 travelled to Beer Quarry Caves and were guided through the underground labyrinth, learning about the lives and hardships of the miners and masons. Students were given a guided tour and talk on the stone and its uses, as well as tales of those who worked in such tough conditions. The trip is run to further explore themes studied in the novel 'Moonfleet’ - detailing the lives of those who scratched a living in the coastal villages of our local coast. The visit is used as a stimulus to creative writing. Students in Year 8 on their return to class have been re-imagining the characters and lives of those who worked in the caves: quarrymen, their families and the tragedies that befell them.


Sam B, Year 12 Senior Digital Media Executive