The Moon Festival

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News - Sep 27

Mandarin students at Colyton have been busy at the start of the term, celebrating one of the most important festivals in China - the Mid-Autumn Day! It is also known as the Moon Festival or the Mooncake Festival. During this period family members in China get together to celebrate the full moon. It is tradition that during these celebrations, delicious mooncakes are made and enjoyed. Inspired by the descriptions of this festival by Mrs Johnson, Mandarin teacher, Year 7 students made some lovely bunny lanterns, Year 8 students designed posters in Mandarin to illustrate the tradition and students in Year 9 gave group presentations in Mandarin to share their insights about the festival. Their hard work was of course rewarded with some yummy mooncakes, kindly provided by Mrs Johnson. Many of the students were surprised to find that salty duck egg yolks in a sweet filling was actually very nice!Mandarin Department