Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award

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News - Oct 18

During September and October, 26 Year 11 students participated in the expedition section of their Silver Duke of Edinburgh award.  The section requires students to walk for three days, camp for two nights and plan their own routes, which need to cover a minimum of 28 miles in total.  The expeditions took place in two different locations in East Devon  and the four groups were totally self-sufficient, carrying everything they needed in rucksacks including tents, food and cooking stoves.  The groups were very fortunate with the weather which was mainly dry and unseasonably warm. However, the terrain at times tested the students; there was simply no avoiding the deep valleys and steep hills.  

Throughout the trek, students remained cheery and supportive of each other, particularly at the campsite where they demonstrated good and at times quite inventive culinary skills using very basic equipment.  This positive attitude enabled them to overcome any aches and pains from carrying a large, heavy rucksack and the inevitable blistered feet for some students.  

Additionally, they welcomed three Year 10 students, one Year 12 student from Colyton Grammar School and a Year 11 student from Isca Academy, all of whom for various reasons had missed their planned Bronze and Silver expeditions earlier this year.  This inclusive and friendly manner meant a successful outcome for these particular young people.  Well done Year 11’s for successfully completing this demanding section of the award.

Finally, I would like to thank the adult volunteers who helped with the expeditions, giving up their time and energy, ensuring a successful outcome for all concerned – these activities would not be possible without their support.

Mrs Byron, Head of Outdoor Learning