Vardy Conference for Year 13

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News - Nov 9

On Thursday 21st October, Year 13 students were involved in a Philosophy Conference held at the school.  The guest speaker was Dr Peter Vardy who is well-known internationally in the fields of Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies.  Dr Vardy was Vice-Principal of Heythrop College, University of London and has recently been awarded an honorary Doctorate from the University of Chichester. He has been the keynote speaker at conferences for HMC, IBO and UNHRC and he advises government, local authorities and academy chains on the teaching of Religious Studies.

During the day, students considered their own responses to the place of greed in business and the contractual nature of sexual relationships in today’s society with the lack of trust which can stem from this. They also reflected on the morality of genetic engineering to eradicate hereditary disease and promote designer babies. Students were presented with a range of ethical dilemmas which forced them to consider how relativist they truly were, for example, at Guantanamo Bay, was torture of suspected terrorists morally justifiable?

The lectures were fast-paced, informative and interactive. Dr Vardy made excellent use of media clips which highlighted the philosophical underpinnings in well-known films and demonstrated the relevance of moral philosophy today. Each issue revisited the ethical theories covered in the first lecture with consideration as to how modern day philosophers would respond.

The school was  very fortunate to have the experience of Dr Vardy’s excellent lectures and we look forward to welcoming him back next year.

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