Year 9: A Day at the Rock-face

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News - Nov 16

At the start of this half term, all Year 9 students had the opportunity to spend the day at Dewerstone on Dartmoor, taking part in adventurous activities. The aim was to account for the missed opportunities for bonding and confidence building that should have happened in Year 7, if not for the Covid-19 pandemic. Freya A from 9O has written up her experience of the day:

Year 9: A Day at the Rock-face

Perhaps because these last few terms have been very different to what we might have expected, the school has worked hard to address the mental and physical health of all students – but most importantly for me – Year 9. In the first week of November, my year took a trip to Dartmoor, to spend an adventurous day away from the busyness of the classroom and to try out new activities and, most importantly, have lots of fun. Personally, my favourite was abseiling – I’d never done it before, much like many of my friends – but there were so many fun things we did it was hard to choose! The climbing was exciting: we tried four different rocks and they were all different in their own ways which made the climbs even more interesting. We walked (well, scrambled) up a hill and got beautiful views from the top. Altogether, it was a wonderful day, giving us new perspectives and providing a refreshing change to the stress of class work. It’s nice to know that the school cares in this way about us, and it meant we got to do interesting and challenging things beyond the curriculum.  

Freya A, 9 Oak