Year 8’s Experience on The Bovington Tank Museum Trip

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News - Mar 28

Bovington Tank Museum, in the wonderful countryside setting of Dorset, is a thoughtful and respectful memorial, but that doesn’t mean our trip shouldn’t have been as enjoyable as it was! It was in three main parts… 


The first session was about the experience of the average British soldier – “Tommy Atkins”. We went through a series of rooms made to look like a recruitment office, a French street, a British trench, and a German one with a tank driving into it. I think the most interesting thing I learned was how many very young people were allowed to join the army. Rowan F, 8E 


This session was about the medicine and how patients would be treated during WW1. We learnt about the great differences on their evolution of medicine, as well as a role-play experience of an injured soldier and how they’d be treated. I found this very interesting because it applies the harsh conditions and situations of the war to the treatment and lack of technology in WW1 medicine. 

Arthur O, 8E 


Hitler's rise to power was a very fascinating workshop, because we had the opportunity to look at the backstory of the infamous leader. We got to learn all about his childhood and election to become the head of the Nazi Party. My favourite fact was that Hitler was rejected from art college! I think that this workshop was a great introduction to World War two. Eve L, 8E 

Overall, the trip helped us understand WW1 warfare, as well as being interesting in its own right. 


History Department