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News - Feb 4

For an entire day, a combined group of 18 Year 12 and 13 Art students were immersed in the world of life drawing. Again, we had the privilege of the company of John Meaker of Abbotsbury Studios, Dorset who brilliantly led the workshop.

John studied at St. Albans School of Art, Goldsmiths College and The Royal Academy Schools, where the students were then encouraged to spend years of developing their drawing within the life room. This was a new experience for the majority of our students and can certainly be a daunting one at first. However, in their dependable intrepid way they responded with page after page of A1 charcoal drawings. University interviews and the rigours of creating a balanced portfolio (even for Architecture) openly appreciate the observational skills involved with life drawings. A few of our students currently attend John Meaker’s classes outside of school, which has certainly fed into the strength of the work they create at A Level.

A fantastically positive day. Even the cold January air did not affect the students’ (or life model’s!) focus. Thank you to all involved – especially John for inspiring them throughout the day.