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We have a high level of success within the Art department and aim to provide students with skills in all areas of art, craft and design. Art is a popular subject within the school and the Art Centre is always alive with activity and buzzing with students - at lunchtimes as well as during lessons.

Students are encouraged to develop their visual skills, exhibit their work and pursue their own personal interests.
We urge them to be creative, enthusiastic and imaginative, experiment and take risks with their work and approach,
form independent, subjective judgements, visit galleries, museums, workshops and studios and to use their art as a
form of enjoyment.

- Head of Art

What We Do

Students study art through a rich variety of termly project themes; they are given the opportunity to experience
different approaches to art, craft and design.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) 


Year 7 (KS3)

Native American or African Art- ‘Day of the dead’ ‘Green man’ Religious and Spiritual understanding of ceremonies/
use of masks


Year 10 (KS4)

Environmental concerns- Kurt Jackson and other artists- researching artists who use environmental concerns
(sustainability, green peace, over population)


Year 8 (KS3)

Synaesthesia- Using black, white and red to convey propaganda- Using own feelings/moods as a form of inspiration.
Make reference through symbolism (through colour/shapes/ feelings)


Year 12 (KS5)

Project- ‘Beneath the skin’ - Research/presentation given about multi-cultural art and artists that use their own environment as a source of inspiration.

Lower Years Art


Year 7

Year 8

Autumn Term

Drawing programme - An introduction to expressive and refined drawing techniques

Exploring the ‘Visual/Formal elements’ - Line, Shape, Form, Colour-theory, Texture, Space, Tone and Pattern

Artist research and response investigation

Trapped - An introduction to printing using Lino and textures

Critical studies and responses (Communicating Concepts, drawing styles, Stencil and Street art)


Spring Term

Masks - An introduction to Sculpture/3D media techniques

An introduction to the importance of masks and other cultures.

Drawing linear techniques and collage explored

Group work

Me, Myself and I - Critical studies and mixed media responses

An Introduction to large scale painting and using Mixed media (collage, stencil, paint effects, photo- montage and illustration)


Summer Term

Continue practical outcome (3D sculpture)

Fauvism - An introduction to Portraiture, Landscape, Colour, paint and Fauve artists (Derain, Matisse, Werefkin)

Critical studies and collage and oil responses

Continue practical painted response (Mixed media Banner)

Cubism - An introduction to Still-life observation and Cubism

Critical studies and collage responses.

Still life drawing skills and producing Card board construction and group work

Middle Years (Y9-11) Art


Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Autumn Term

SKILLS UNIT - An introduction to expressive drawing techniques, assemblage methods and Print (Collagraph, Mono-types and Screen-print)

Students explore the ‘Visual/Formal elements’- Line, Shape, Form, Colour-theory, Texture, Space, Tone and Pattern

Component 1b - ‘ENVIRONMENT’

An introduction to paint techniques

This is an autonomous project driven by the students and their chosen artists and styles

Component 1c MOCK EXAM (title tbc)

Students respond to a given theme/title. This is driven by the students and their chosen artists and styles


Spring Term

Component 1a - ‘ORGANIC FORMS’ - Sketchbook work and large-scale Ceramic outcomes are completed

This unit Includes the St Ives trip and a Ceramic, full day workshop

Component 1b ‘ENVIRONMENT’ continued…

Sketchbook and media experiments continue and students develop ideas for possible outcomes

Component 2 EXAM (title tbc)

Students respond to a given theme/title. This is driven by the students and their chosen artists and styles

Summer Term

Component 1a ‘ORGANIC FORMS’ continued…

Students continue on their own practical three dimensional outcomes and completion of sketchbook and practical tasks

Component 1b ‘ENVIRONMENT’ continued…

Students continue on their own practical painted response (A mixed media, painted canvass outcome)

Component 2 EXAM completed/end of the course



Upper Years Art

The upper years curriculum will involve the following:

  Year 12 Year 13
Autumn Term

Component 1a - Skills, Photography and Portrait Preparatory work

‘Beneath the surface’ theme

An introduction to Photography (digital and dark room) Print, enrichment activity - life drawing, painting/drawing skills

Tasks include -

London trip/Street Photography

Research and responses to artists

Observation drawing

Media experiment’s including oil paints

Component 1c - Coursework ‘Personal investigation’ practical work continued

Students continue to develop ideas and skills associated with their own personal title.

Tasks include -

Enrichment activity-life drawing

Research and responses to artists

Observation drawing


Media experiment’s and development of ideas

Completion of practical outcome

Spring Term

Component 1b - Mock Exam Portrait outcome

Students continue to develop ideas and skills associated with the theme ‘Beneath the Surface’ concluding with a large scale painted outcome completed as their internally set, 12 hour mock exam in May

Component 2 - Exam

This is a final, externally set assignment set in January. A title forms the starting point and students have 12 weeks until they sit a 15 hour exam to complete an outcome

Summer Term

Component 1c - Coursework

‘Personal investigation (Practical) and Personal Study’(Dissertation)

Students move onto their ‘personal investigation’ project and personal study (dissertation). The theme for enquiry for this unit is self-set by the student, encouraging the student to develop and mature as an artist and pursue individual interests, including freedom of choice of media and techniques to be used

A Paris trip in July is offered to support this unit of work

Students produce a source book and dissertation of up to 3,000 words to support this A level unit

Component 2 - EXAM completed /end of the course

Students sit the 15 hour art exam at the beginning of May. They have prepared for this since January and should have

Tasks include -

Media experiment’s and development and refinement of techniques and their own ideas

Course completed second week of May


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